How to Plan Your Cross County Move

A cross-country move is not the same as moving to nearby town or state. A cross-country move requires a lot of planning in order to make it easier for you and your family. If you plan on moving, you need to start planning as soon as possible to ensure that things go smoothly.

Here are some things to consider when planning your move.

Will you move yourself or hire a mover?

When it comes to moving your have two options, you can handle the move yourself, or you can hire a moving company. Both options have their pros and cons. You have to decide whether or not you want to commit to the time needed to handle the move on your own or if you’re willing to pay the expense of a mover. How you proceed with your move will be determined by this choice.

What will you take with you?

After deciding how you will move, you need to make a general list of the items you will be taking with you. When making this list you need to think about your new home and the amount of space you have on the moving truck. If you’re working with a mover they can help you calculate the cost of moving, otherwise, you’ll have to estimate the amount of space you need to move all of your belongings.

Who will pack your items?

Packing is one thing most people dread about moving. If you are working with a mover you can pay for packing services. If you’re packing, you need to ensure you have the right boxes for the job. You can get boxes from your truck rental company or you can put on an ad on an online classified site like Craigslist, many people would be glad to give someone the boxes they have after moving in. Then you need to make sure the items are protected. If you have fragile items, you may want to consider hiring a professional to pack these items to avoid breakage.

How will you get to your new home?

If you are handling the move, then you need to think about your vehicle. You may need to hire a cross-country vehicle transport company. This company is also needed for people who will be flying to their new home or have arranged alternate forms of transportation. If you are acting as your mover, then you will most likely be driving the moving truck to your new home. Make sure you calculate the cost of gas when estimating the cost of your move.

Where will you live during your move?

If you’re lucky your home will be ready for you to move in when you arrive. However, most likely you’ll be waiting a few days for the mover to arrive, or you will be so tired from your move that you don’t want to unload the truck. Before you leave your old home, check for nearby hotels so that you and your family can unwind before you tackle the job of unpacking.

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